Why start a blog??

I’ve decided to start a blog. Why you ask? There are so many blogs out there–so much “white noise” as a friend has called it. Personally, I think there is something a little bit egotistical about having a blog…as a writer of one you must believe that your thoughts are so worthwhile, so interesting, that other people would actually want to take time to read them.

On the other hand, maybe people start blogs because they feel like they have something to contribute that might actually mean something to someone. Everyone’s experience is unique, after all. In Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, she says “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories.”

Blogs can be powerful ways to engage with the world. We are all on social media these days in various guises, and while the vast amount of posts and tweets out there can be overwhelming, many of them have helped me clarify, change, and form the opinions I have about people, events, theology, and issues.

I have decided to call my blog “facingthegrey” for a few reasons. First, “facingthegray” was already taken. 🙂 Second, grey is an in between color, and I feel like I exist in an in between place for most all of the places in my life. More about that as this blog progresses. Finally, “facing” is the kind of word that denotes action, head on. I’m not a person who enjoys conflict, but I think life should be lived with engagement, not avoidance.

Like anyone, I am a person who comes from a particular perspective and particular set of experiences, so here are some of the places from which I will write:

  • I will write as a liberal Christian. I know that my non-bible belt friends who might read this are not used to people talking about God super openly. We do that here in the South. But I would do it anyway…my faith is as much a part of me as my blood and bones, even though I’ve spent considerable time trying to talk myself out of belief and into atheism. It didn’t work. But, I do view God, Jesus, the Bible, and all religion through the lens of liberal, mainline Christianity. I’m still new to it…but it has brought me peace, left me free of guilt I once had, and allows me to keep believing in God in this global, changing world of ours.
  • I will write as a feminist. I believe whole-heartedly in women’s rights, equality, and opportunity–in their marriages, at their places of work, out in the world, everywhere.
  • I will write about various social issues, but probably quite a bit about race. I have been married to an African-American man for over 10 years, and by this fall I will have two biracial children. You can’t be married to someone of a different ethnicity than yours and not learn things about race that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • I will write about caring for dying parents at the same time as caring for growing children. It’s not unheard of in your late twenties and early thirties, but it’s definitely more of the exception than the rule.
  • Finally, I will write as someone who cares deeply about clarity and accuracy of information that I present and talk about. I like to avoid hyperbole and I like to recognize bias when I see it. As a librarian, this is part of how my brain is trained, so my hope is that it will show up in my personal writing as well.

I look forward to engaging with you through this blog. I hope you’ll leave me a comment if its an issue you care about and you’d like to get into a (civil!) conversation.

With you in the grey,



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