Not with words, but with actions

“Tyler”, the president of the college’s secret Lesbian, Gay, Straight, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning student alliance, sat across from me at my desk. “We’re protesting”, he said. “Next week, in chapel. Will you help?” “What are you planning on doing?” I asked, immediately feeling apprehensive. He took a deep breath. “As soon as they start, we’re … More Not with words, but with actions


I would like to again welcome my sister, Leah Shaw, who you saw in the Eulogy for My Mother post last year. Mom would have been 63 today. We miss her. Also, grief is wierd, and messy, and never final at all. This is a window into both the life, and death, of our mother. … More Mommage


Given that I have worked at two colleges in the past decade, I am facebook friends with a lot of current and former students–many of them are African-American. Yesterday, compared to times when there was media coverage of shootings involving white cops and black men, I saw more collective and individual anger than I have … More Aftermath